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What can I eat?

Our expert diet plans are tailored for your needs, meaning we take your gender, height, weight, body type, fitness goals and current activity level into account when delivering a personalised fitness plan for you. This will largely determine how much you should eat and the exercise level you will be placed in. To elaborate, we do appreciate that some people burn more calories faster than others in a similar way that some people build muscle easier than others. While some people will enjoy inactive days, others will only have active days as part of their daily routine. Just like some people develop diseases in their lifetime, while others remain healthy, the why is unknown. As a general rule of thumb, if you are inactive, your body will likely need less calories than if you are a highly active individual. Your calorie intake will also depend on your fitness goals, and whether you are looking to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or gain weight, but in general terms, the more active you are, the more calories you will need to consume. For instance, if you are active and train hard on a regular basis, you should incorporate more carbohydrates so that the body has time to both perform and recover. Despite this, one should never fear food and/or refuse food as this kind of thinking can be damaging and potentially harmful in the long-term. You should always try to eat sensibly, meaning eating enough fruit and vegetables, among other healthy ingredients that can be found in our meal plans. Make sure to also get enough vitamin D and omega 3 to maintain a healthy immune system as this is particularly important for our health. There are many omega 3 products on the market, just make sure to choose one with good quality ingredients, which also contains vitamin D.

How often do I have to exercise?

The amount of exercise you do will depend on the results you are looking to achieve. Our exercise plan is carefully designed so that you will get amazing results both aesthetically and for your health. If you are looking to build more muscle, you will have to dedicate yourself to the programme and follow the regime which is a 4 times-a-week strength training programme. Here it can be beneficial to vary between more resistance and fewer repetitions, and lighter resistance and more repetitions. If you are particularly inactive and your primary goal is to improve your health, 30 minutes of activity per say should be sufficient. By that we mean an activity that makes you sweat a little, such as power walking or a light jog. We recommend using the cardio sessions during Breath & Shape, which are extremely effective for burning excess fat.  You should be sure to follow the exercise program at least 1-2 times a week in addition to this. And keep in mind that being positive about your training even if you are new is a great step to jump starting your fitness with us. It can help you progress faster.

Do I need to do strength training?

We would recommend everyone to include strength training in their fitness programme, and there are several reasons for this. The main cause of a loss of muscle mass is down to prolonged inactivity, along with the ageing process. Weak muscles can cause aches and pains, meaning a decreased fat burning ability. Strong muscles can make everyday tasks easier to carry out as you get less aches and pains and you can even increase your metabolism, so it’s a win win! You should try to maintain a strength training programme at least 1-2 times per week.  The reason for being is that strength training must be maintained or it will quickly fade if away. We have strength training for both the home and at a  studio - so you can choose exactly where and how you want to train.

Do I have to do endurance training such as jogging?

We feel everyone should do endurance training, and there are several reasons behind this. Endurance training has been shown to have lots of positive health benefits when it comes to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and it's great for people wanting to build muscle! The type of endurance training you do depends on what you like, so you don’t have to jog unless you want to. We offer several options, with some of our favourites including high intensity sessions from Breath & Shape. They are super effective, take less time and have been shown to have a number of extraordinary health benefits on the body. The great thing about these sessions is that you will notice that both your condition and your endurance improves quickly!

What is cardio?

Cardio is the same as endurance training and high intensity training.

Can I drink sugar-free fizzy drinks?

We will always advise our clients to drink water when they are thirsty. Water is the best thing to quench your first and maintain healthy hydration levels. There is a lot of discussion about whether sugar-free soft drinks are good for our health or not. What we do know is that the body can react to sugar-free fizzy drinks in a negative way, for instance, these drinks can increase bloating, cravings and appetite, and some studies suggest that fizzy drinks can have an effect on our intestinal flora. We would therefore recommend that you cut down on sugar-free soft drinks, to be on the safe side. 

Can I never eat cake, candy and ice cream again?

Yes of course you can! We will never say that someone should completely eliminate something from their diet if this is not something you wish to do yourself. But of course we do know that these are foods that provide our body with very little nutrients, while giving our body a lot of unnatural energy. We therefore recommend that you enjoy these foods on special occasions, or allow yourself your favourite treat just once a week. That said, make sure to focus on what you do every day that is giving you results.

What do I do on birthdays or special occasions where I`m served foods that are not included in the diet plan.

There will always be occasions where you are served foods not included in your diet plan. We don't think there is anything wrong with you enjoying yourself a little on these occasions. Just think quantity! Remember, this is how you should focus on your eating in general. 

I find it difficult to use the recipe booklet. How can I do this correctly?

We have not written the quantity of the ingredients in most of our recipes. This is because you should easily be able to use the amount listed in your meal plan. Remember that you will find many ingredients under options in your meal plan. In some recipes it may be a little difficult to get the amount exactly right, so just do some trial and error until you get what you like.

There are some foods in the meal plan I don't like, what can I exchange them with?

Use the options listed next to the food you don't like. You do not have to eat all the foods listed in the meal plan. Replace them, and find the food that makes you happy in your diet.

I have lost my fitness motivation. What can I do?

In our coaching videos there are a lot of motivational tips that can help you to regain your fitness motivation. It may help to spend some time contemplating what got you started on your health journey in the first place. If you know your why, revisiting this could be a great way to revitalise your motivation. Also remember that it's not the case that taking a few days "off your training and diet plan" destroys all your hard work.Exercising and eating healthy is a lifestyle, and days for relaxing are both healthy and good for your body. It's important that you learn to regain your motivation relatively quickly in order to shorten your off-period, so you don't have to constantly start all over again.

I don't have 4 days to train. What should I do?

You don't have to exercise 4 days a week to get results. Just follow the training programme from session number 1 to session number 4 before you restart on session number one again. This way you will always be able to follow the programme and get your whole body trained. Also, remember that we have really effective cardio sessions you can do from your own home! These can be found under videos in Breathe & Shape.

Do I need a gym membership to follow YouCanShape training videos?

No. We have training programs that you can use at home and in the studio. In other words, you can train where and when you want.

What do I get as a member of YouCanShape?

As a member of YCS you get:

Progression Graphs:

* Progress graph for your training

* Measurement graph for your weight loss

* Overview graph of your centimeter measurements

Our challenging and educational personal training videos that you can follow both in the studio and at home.

* Personal training videos with all the exercises in your training program

* Both for studio and for home training

* Motivational and intense cardio sessions

In other words, if you don't have the opportunity, desire or energy to workout in a gym, it is no longer a problem. You can do everything from the comfort of your living room!

The Destination booklet, our bestseller that includes

* Your own diet plan

* Your training program for both studio / home

* Glute activation guide you can do anywhere

* The cardio sessions for both fitness and maximum fat burning

* Mental training, lay the foundation for conscious choices

* Recipe booklet with favorite dishes for the whole family

YouCanShape Hello; weekly coaching video that answers any questions that you are wondering about. Here we will talk about a range of topics and challenges that are holding you back. This will make the road to your goals easier.

YouCanShape Coaching; we go in depth on your diet and exercise regime and inspire you to succeed. You will get the best of our own and our customers' experiences that will give you a momentum towards your fitness goals. We also have many inspiring and powerful guests who are guaranteed to give you many aha-experiences.

Exclusive offers on new launches for members only

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