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Privacy Policy

YouCanShape AS can use the information provided to us via registration to facilitate the right products and services to the customer. This information, as well as information such as shopping patterns, video playback and the like can be used to compile statistics about the membership. Members will remain anonymous. These statistics can again be distributed to partners and other actors. This practice, as well as which partners, will be further informed when relevant. As of today, we have no partners or players to whom information is distributed.

We at YouCanShape treat all your information confidentially and will in no way disclose personal material to other players. Distribution of material is done in relation to the Marketing Act.

We at YouCanShape reserve the right to use personal information in order to contact members of YouCanShape regarding their membership with us.

Upon termination of membership, the personal information is removed from our membership register. The information about the customer can still be used to prepare target groups for marketing.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: or use the contact form HERE